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Hey Welcome To Delta Mei!

We are so glad you found us and Know you are going to love the products you try. We thought we would take some time for you to meet us! Jas (left) and Amy (right)


Founders of Delta Mei Skincare, Amy and Jas, Delta Mei Skincare is an inclusive natural local skincare company based in Vancouver, BC. Products include backuchiol, konjac sponges, sisal soap bag, 

Jas has always had a passion for seeking more natural alternatives that nourish your skin. Growing up and not being able to run to the store to grab affordable skincare products that worked for her skin was always an issue.  

Leading to the creation of natural skincare products and formulating for over 5 years for friends and family. Eventually in 2020 due to Covid she lost her job and decided to learn and develop her idea of affordable luxury skincare for all. Her dream of creating a sustainable brand that takes care of the community while providing products that can seamlessly blend into your current or new routine. 

Amy is our fearless co-found that has always had an entrepreneurial mind and was searching for her next venture. Joining forces with Jas she has been able to help bring a conception to life. Amy has a strong background in HR and customer service, along with her social media skills has helped conceptualize the entire brand. 

We have been so lucky to have tremendous friends that have helped us along the way through social media consulting, branding and photography. Shout out to all our photography goes to @vancouversustainability.

We also acknowledge that we are able to produce and sell on the unceeded territory of the Coast Salish People. 



As always if you have any questions feel free to reach out on social or via email at!



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