Self Care Series

Self Care Series

Let us start off by saying thank you, for your patience, and for your continued support!  Towards the end of last year we were coming in guns blazing, working pop-ups every weekend and spending our evenings after work strategizing on how we can continue to grow Delta Mei Skincare, and then we pretty much went radio silent.

If you’ve tuned into our instagram recently you’ve gotten a glimpse into what we’ve been experiencing in our personal lives.  When we started Delta Mei we said we were going to be our authentic selves and showcase the hardships, wins, and difficult times of owning a small business but we didn’t expect to get this personal, or having to take a step back Delta Mei Skincare. 

As we were able to take some much needed time off and away from social media, we have come to the conclusion that it’s time to tell our story and open our lives up to those who want to know.

In the middle of December 2021, my (Amy’s) younger brother passed away suddenly.  It was a complete shock, and it truly put me through a loop of disbelief.  I was very close with my brother and it’s taken A LOT of time, therapy, and self care to get me to where I am today.  I am so far from being healed, I don’t know if that will ever happen but I’m in a place where I do want to open the conversation about losing a sibling or anyone in your life.

Not far after losing my brother Jasmine lost her grandma unexpectedly.  Her grandma being someone she’s always deeply admired and had a strong connection with. She was the matriarch of her family and had wanted to start her own business. Growing up a young black woman she never got the opportunity to, and has been Jasmine’s biggest cheerleader.

We are so lucky to have each other through this difficult time as we have a mutual understanding of how different grief can be at different times, no day, no hour is the same.  There have been many days where it’s been difficult to get out of bed, brush our teeth, or cook a meal, and that’s okay.  Grief can truly creep up unexpectedly, what once was a favourite memory may now bring you to tears, or what once was your favourite hobby may be a reminder of the loved one you lost.  It can be difficult to know what to do at a given moment, whether you are so distraught you don’t want to do anything, or you feel guilty for feeling an ounce of happiness again.

I still replay the first time I felt happiness after my brother's passing.  I was with the people closest to him, and we were at the Christmas market, reminiscing and laughing, pushing ourselves to have a bit of normalcy during the Christmas season.  I questioned myself as I caught myself laughing, nearly forgetting about the broken heart beating in my chest.  Is this okay?  Should we even be here?  We’re suffering one of the biggest losses of our lives and we’re out in the cold, enjoying ourselves?

But that’s the thing, just like how grief has no timeline, neither do the other emotions that encompass us.  It’s okay to feel gratitude, or excitement for life again.  It’s okay to be disappointed, angry, or upset.  It’s okay to feel all of the above at the same time.  Nothing prepares you for the hole that’s created in your heart and soul when you lose someone close to you, and nothing prepares you for what life is after losing them looks like.

So through this journey of re-discovering our new world looks like we’ve been inspired to create and showcase our Self Care Series.  Which is content around the small things that help us get through the day, what helps us get the day started, and really a gentle reminder that it’s okay to be wherever you’re at.  We all chase consistency, hustle, or success one way or another, but some days your body and mind say no, and that’s alright.

We are so grateful for our community that has continued to support us, and we’d love to hear from you as well!  We all have our own daily rituals, morning routines, or things to help us get out of a funk - so please feel free to share with us via social or email :)