5 tips to create an effective skincare routine

5 tips to create an effective skincare routine

Have you ever looked at a skincare addict’s routine and thought to yourself, there is no way I could incorporate that into my day. While some routines may be daunting, there is a considerable amount of evidence that a routine is crucial for healthy skin. Use these five tips to help you create and stick to a good skincare habit. 

Make a Plan!

Before starting adding products to your routine, plan out your morning vs nightly, and daily vs weekly products. Like cleanser and toner, some of these products might be the same from night to day, but others, like sunscreen or exfoliant, will differ. Some products only need to be used once a week, if that, like masks. Once you know your skin type it’s easier to research what products will work best for you. 

Add new products one at a time.  

You likely already have a bedtime routine, even if it’s just a cleanser. A great way to start your new habit is to add one product at a time. After two weeks, add another and so on. It can seem daunting to try to add 3 or 4 new products at once, just adding them in one at a time helps create a habit. 

Create a habit tracker. 

If you’re prone to forget or want to make sure you have something that will stick, create a habit tracker. Create a reminder on your phone or add a task in your planner to encourage you to make this routine. Don’t worry if you forgot a day, but try your hardest not to forget two days in a row. After 21 days, studies show that you will have created a habit in your brain that will be harder to ignore. 

Give yourself time. 

When rushed, people tend to forget things. To allow yourself to succeed in creating a skincare routine:

  • Give yourself enough time. If it takes 10 minutes, make sure to create that time.
  • Wake up slightly earlier or start getting ready for bed earlier.
  • Create an intention to see this through, and you will be more likely to see results. 

Your skin will let you know if it’s working. 

If a product is not working for you, stop using it or switch it. Don’t force something that isn’t working for you just because you think you should. The ultimate goal of a skincare routine is healthy skin. If you are not getting the results you want after using the product consistently for several weeks, then you may have to rethink your routine. If a product creates a reaction on your skin, stop using it immediately. 

Everyone has a different idea of how to apply skincare products, but the most important thing to remember is to do what works best for you. Try not to force something that isn’t working. If you need help deciding which Delta Mei product would be best for your skin type, or how to add our products in your current skincare routine, please don't hesitate to reach out, we're happy to help!